Food-related resolutions you can actually keep

January 8, 2021 Updated: January 18, 2024

We’ve read that some 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail – but they don’t have to. Here are five, simple food-related resolutions to make this year. Pick one or more than one, and get going! You’ve got this. 

1. Learn about the issue of wasted food. There was an article in Forbes a couple of years ago that said one of the key reasons New Year’s resolutions fail is because people haven’t actually made up their minds to change. They haven’t really bought into the reasons that change is so important. 

First things first: Before you can resolve to waste less, you have to understand why it matters. Here are some resources to check out to learn more about the issue of wasted food: 

2. Plan your meals. This one is good for the planet and your pocketbook. You’ll avoid impulse buys (and waste!) by sticking to what you came to the store to get. One member of our team plans their weekly meals every Saturday: a range of breakfast and lunch items to choose from and at least 4-5 dinners, accounting for some leftovers. Planning to eat leftovers helps ensure they aren’t forgotten! 

3. Support Lovin’ Spoonfuls. We rescue good food that would otherwise be discarded; we keep it out of landfills, and we distribute it to a network of non-profit partners serving people facing food insecurity. There are lots of ways for individuals, families, schools, affinity groups, and businesses to help. One of them is by launching your own online fundraiser. We make it easy. See here. 

4. Adopt one of our non-profit partners! Lovin’ Spoonfuls works with 170+ non-profits: pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, recovery programs, senior centers, and more across the Commonwealth. Pick one close to you. Learn a little more about what they need. Find a way to help – from donating food or funds to volunteering! 

5. Compost what you can’t consume. If you’ve never composted your food scraps before, this might sound like a heavy lift. It needn’t be. Start here.

P.S. That same article said that having a system of accountability is very important when it comes to reaching your goals. So tell us what you’re up to! What food-centric resolutions are you making this year? What steps are you taking to live more sustainably? E-mail us. We might feature you and your resolution on Spoonfuls’ social media to inspire others to take action this month! 

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