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About Food Recovery

The vast majority of the food we deliver we “recover” from retailers like grocery stores, wholesalers, and farms that have excess or unsold product – primarily perishable foods like fruits and vegetables, dairy, and lean meats. Food is often close-dated, but we get to it while it’s still good to eat and distribute it (same day) to community organizations across Massachusetts that serve neighbors facing food insecurity. We never “bank” food.

Healthy Fresh Food

Same-Day Delivery

Highly-Trained Staff

Commitment to Safety

Our approach

The Spoonfuls’ Difference

We don’t do this work to be charitable or heroic. We do it because it’s important for the health of people and the planet. It’s good for everybody.

Working heavily with food retailers and brands, our Food Recovery Team sources fresh, nutritious food with the dietary and cultural needs of our end-recipients in mind. Interested in becoming a food donor?

A box full of colorful peppers donated to Boston area food recovery charity Lovin Spoonfuls.

As a way to ensure accountability and consistency in our deliveries, we employ a professionally-trained and ServSafe-certified front line, which is responsible for our day-to-day operations. Spoonfuls’ staff develop strong working relationships with community partners in order to better meet the needs of their programs.

A truck is parked in front of a white barn on a farm while donated food is being picked up by Boston area food recovery charity Lovin Spoonfuls.

Keeping the dignity in food

We operate from the premise that by keeping the dignity in food, we keep the dignity in people, too. We ask ourselves, “Would we eat this?” or “Would we serve this to our children?” And if the answer is no, we leave it behind. In short, we focus on recovering good food. Learn more about what that means to us on the blog.

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