Healing Hospitality

June 10, 2021 Updated: January 18, 2024

Restaurants are, and always have been, hubs for community and connection. They are a part of the fabric of their neighborhoods, contributing character, energy, and even safety to their customers and neighbors. In addition to the wonderful things restaurants do inside their doors, they are often the first to support the community outside their doors. They happily donate food, time, and staff to the countless requests from non-profit organizations, including Lovin’ Spoonfuls, at their own expense. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has uniquely and severely affected the hospitality industry, hitting restaurants particularly hard over the past two years. While the road to recovery is a long one, with COVID in decline and reopening in full swing, here at Lovin’ Spoonfuls, we’re feeling hopeful for what a post-pandemic future has in store – and restaurants are a part of it!

So whether you’re eating indoors, outdoors, or sticking to take out, check out what’s new from some of Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ hospitality friends! We all have a part to play in healing hospitality, to help those who have made our work over the years not just possible, but fun. Please show them your support.

Spotlight: Traveler Street Hospitality

Hit up South End restaurants owned by Spoonfuls’ Culinary Board Member, Colin Lynch, and Heather Kennaway Lynch.

On the Horizon

Karen Akunowicz, Chef at Fox & the Knife Boston, recently announced Bar Volpe opening in South Boston Fall 2021. Congrats, Chef Karen! We can’t wait to check it out.

Job Searching?

Hospitality everywhere is hiring right now. We recommend checking out bostonchefs.com for local positions.

Shout outs!

These are some more of our friends in hospitality!

What else?

Follow Massachusetts Restaurants United! This coalition of independent restaurant professionals was created to advocate for the hospitality industry and plan solutions to survive, repair, and rebuild in the time of COVID-19 and beyond. Check out their website and social to learn how you can deepen your support of the hospitality community.

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