Just the Facts: Becca Handford

August 27, 2021 Updated: January 23, 2024

After three years as a Food Rescue Coordinator (FRC) in our Greater Boston region, Becca Handford recently began a new role as Operations Coordinator.

Says Operations Director, Sean Ahern, “Becca is very hardworking and thorough in her daily duties, though she really excels with her interaction with coworkers and partners.  She approaches situations with a positive and constructive attitude, but also with sincere compassion. Each person she interacts with, she approaches as a unique individual and works to connect over the common goal of getting food to communities and meeting the needs of others.”

Here’s what else you should know about Becca:

1. Becca joined the Lovin’ Spoonfuls team almost three years ago as an FRC and transitioned into her new role as Operations Coordinator, alongside her co-worker Vinny, this past July. Now working behind the scenes, Becca provides support to FRCs on the road by fielding requests for one-off pickups, exploring new partner opportunities, striving to make daily routes easier on FRCs and Spoonfuls’ partners, and, overall, attempting to triage food rescue in the midst of a global pandemic. 

2. Immediately after graduating from college, Becca walked purposefully into the world of food rescue and hasn’t left since. She wholeheartedly believes that food is a precious resource and accessing it is a basic human right deserved by all. At home, you can find her scouring the internet looking for creative ways to repurpose leftovers to reduce food waste while satisfying her never-ending need to try exciting new foods.

3. In her spare time, you can find Becca wandering around the suburbs poking and prodding at plants in her neighborhood to see what can be utilized in the kitchen and what can be dried or pressed for various other uses. She is a self-described “kitchen witch” at heart and is currently addicted to the podcast series Wands and Fronds.

Learn more about Becca Handford and other members of Team Lovin’ on our Staff Page.

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