Just the facts: with Vinny Vassallo

September 22, 2021 Updated: January 23, 2024

After years on the road as a Food Rescue Coordinator, Vinny now works primarily behind the scenes supporting the team as an Operations Coordinator.

Says Operations Director, Sean Ahern, “Vinny has been with Lovin’ Spoonfuls for over five years, serving countless community partners across the state. Vinny holds himself and those around him to high standards, while fostering strong bonds with coworkers and community partners alike. In his new role as Operations Coordinator, Vinny continues to serve the same communities in a less hands-on but similarly impactful way. Although he is no longer on the road five days a week, he is always willing to jump back in the truck to support the Lovin’ Spoonfuls team and communities we serve. If you are driving with him in a truck, though, expect to be treated to a great playlist!”

Here’s what else you should know about Vinny in his own words:

1. “I gave a speech at [Lovin’ Spoonfuls’] Tailgate in 2018 while I was having an allergic reaction.”

2. “Obviously, we try to reduce waste at home as much as possible. At our wedding, while guests were leaving, Stephanie (my wife) and I tried to find guests who were fit to take home excess trays of mac and cheese, salad, and sliders. Not the lobster rolls though – we kept those for ourselves.”

3. “I am a recreational maple syrup maker. I hope to expand operations and build a sugar shack once I have land of my own.”

Learn more about Vinny Vassallo and other members of Team Lovin’ on our Staff Page.

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