Spoonfuls Spotlight: Gándara Center's Springfield Family Resource Center

May 7, 2024 Updated: May 7, 2024

“Why is food insecurity still an issue? There are so many food pantries around, and collectively, we still don’t have enough for everybody who needs it. Then I hear about how much good food is going to waste. It just doesn’t make sense,” reflects Teresa Austin, the Food Pantry Coordinator at the Gándara Center’s Springfield Family Resource Center, a Spoonfuls’ partner.

It doesn’t make sense to us either. That’s why Spoonfuls focuses on recovering unsold fresh, healthy food and distributing it to food programs, like Gándara’s, before it can go to waste. Teresa tells us, “The Spoonfuls team is vested in what they’re doing. It trickles down to us at the Center receiving nutritious food and giving it to our community. We’re not able to eliminate food insecurity, but through this partnership, we do play a big part in putting a dent in the issue locally.”

“Springfield is a diverse and populated community, made up of all nationalities, cultures, and age groups. The Springfield Family Resource Center serves all who are able to come to the pantry. We also deliver to some folks who can’t come to the pantry for one reason or another,” shared the Center’s Executive Director, Cindy Stovall.

Each week, the Center reaches 200+ families. No one is turned away – and no formal residency documentation is required. This is important because, as Cindy notes, “Food is the entry point to other services we offer.” Those include English as a second language classes, healthcare and employment assistance, support groups, and much more. The Springfield Family Resource Center strives to be a one-stop shop, simplifying resource access for their community.

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