Why we give to #StrikeFoodWaste.

September 3, 2020 Updated: January 18, 2024

Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ supporters are motivated to give for all kinds of different reasons – some stemming from their interest in eradicating hunger, others out of concern for the environmental impact of wasted food. They share a mutual belief that food rescue matters. (Because it does. Check this out.)

We caught up with Spoonfuls’ supporters, Catherine and Eric Jonash, about why they give and the ways they’re taking steps to waste less at home.

1. How did you first learn about Lovin’ Spoonfuls?

We first learned about Lovin’ Spoonfuls at a friend’s backyard barbeque fundraising event in Cambridge, Massachusetts several years ago. At the event, one of the Friends of Lovin’ Spoonfuls, who also worked for Baldor and supplied the event food, was enthusiastically sharing about the mission and partnership of the two organizations. We were so thrilled to hear about the tremendous commitment of Lovin’ Spoonfuls to reduce food waste and to help ensure that those most in need throughout the Greater Boston area are being supported with healthy food options. We immediately asked about ways to get more involved.

2. Why is food rescue important to you personally?

For both of us, we feel very passionate about engaging with our local community and contributing in a meaningful way to ensure that everyone around us – including our neighbors, our daughter’s classmates and their families, our local businesses – all can benefit and thrive to make the community a more rich, supportive, and livable environment. We both grew up without a doubt about where our food was going to come from, and we feel so blessed that we had that privilege. However, we are keenly aware, having lived in Cambridge for over a decade, that every community struggles to ensure that all residents have that same equal and reliable access to nutritious food. We want to do our part to give back and help be an example to our daughter that everyone has a right to certain basic necessities – and that no food should go to waste when there are people in need and we can help.

3. What about Spoonfuls inspires you to make an investment in our work? 

It’s very clear from every event, interaction, and communication that has been supported by Lovin’ Spoonfuls that the organization has a huge heart. Every individual team member and supporter is a true ambassador of the mission, and conveys that mission with compassion, thoughtfulness, and energy. In thinking about where to invest time, effort and resources to improve our local community, we are focused on finding organizations that are honest and relevant to the needs of the people around us. Lovin’ Spoonfuls clearly has a deep network that is embedded throughout the Boston area, which makes us feel good that our investment and support will have a real, local impact. We intend to live for many years to come in Cambridge and so supporting a local organization helping local people is very important to us.

4. How do you try to reduce food waste in your home? 

We want to model what we message, which is the importance of valuing what you have and reducing waste when you can. We love that the City of Cambridge established a curbside composting program, which means that any food waste we generate in our home immediately goes into our green compost bin rather than the trash. We also do our part to buy just what we need from local markets and farmers markets, and not from large bulk stores. Our goal is to support local farmers and businesses and to avoid over-buying unnecessary quantities before they go bad.

Every $1 you give to Spoonfuls allows us to rescue 3 lbs. of fresh, healthy food – enough to feed a neighbor for the day. Give now.

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