October 12, 2016

Boston Common, October 2016

Jamie Bissonnette on His Favorite Dishes in Boston & Why He Supports Lovin’ Spoonfuls

October 3, 2016

Boston Common

Boston chef Jamie Bissonnette is known for his innovation in his kitchens from Toro (with additional locations in Bangkok and New York) to Coppa and now Little Donkey, but he’s also a prolific charity partner. On November 6, Bissonnette will be honored by Lovin’ Spoonfuls Ultimate Tailgate Party with the Thomas M. Menino Award for Leadership, for his commitment to food rescue.

“When I was introduced to Ashley and Lovin’ Spoonfuls, I was blown away by her passion and drive. I hate wasting anything,” says Bissonnette. “What we do at Lovin’ Spoonfuls is part of any great chef’s DNA — waste nothing, and teach anyone who will listen how to cook. It is so important to be able to give back to communities all over Boston, teach people to cook with what they have, and strengthen our city through food. Lovin’ Spoonfuls embodies why I started cooking, and why I love working with food.” Bissonnette shared his favorite dishes in Boston with us.

Buffalo Mentaiko Spaghetti at Uni

“Buffalo wings and carbonara in a Japanese restaurant. That’s kind of what this is. I love it. Spicy, creamy, and tons of flavor.”

Italian Nachos at Anchovies

“Corn tortillas, ricotta, pickles, jalapenos, and bolognese. Amazing bar snack.”

Lamb Meatballs at Tavern Road

“The lamb meatballs with yogurt sauce. I love that Louis DiBiccari changes the dish, but NEVER the recipe for the meatballs. My favorite incarnation is on toastada with tzatziki, arugula, and harissa.”

Prime Rib Sunday at Puritan & Company

“Will Gilson does a prime rib on Sundays that is tender, juicy, and delicious. Some traditional sides, and some upgrades come with it. Such a great way to celebrate a Patriots win.”

Turkey Hash at Mikes City Diner

“The turkey hash as Mikes Diner is packed with flavor, and gets crispy cooked on the griddle. The chunks of potato, onion and turkey are wicked tasty.”

Double Cheeseburger at Charlie Kitchen

“It’s a classic diner-style burger — melted cheese, squishy bun, and a great meat-to-bun ratio. I can eat a lot of these.”

Dry-Aged Ribeye for Two at Bar Mezzana

“Big steak. Big Flavor. The potatoes sitting under the bone marrow are little sponges of flavor. Creamy, earthy, and seasoned well. I love the char on the steak, and the funk from the aging.”

Stir Fried Conch with Yellow Chive at New Golden Gate

“Stir fried conch has a great snap in texture. The yellow chives are just garlicly enough, and a touch sweet. Whether noon or 2 am, this one always hits the spot.”

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