October 14, 2014

Boston Globe Magazine, October 2014

Letter to the Editor
By Lauren Palumbo
Boston Globe Magazine
October 12, 2014

We commend the Patrick administration for implementing the food waste ban as more than 40 percent of the food produced in the United States goes to waste, which equates to 100 billion pounds of fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. thrown in the garbage every year. This is the single largest source of solid waste in our landfills. In Massachusetts alone, food waste makes up 25 percent of the waste stream. But while composting has its benefits, we first need to look at donations. Donating food will not only help affected businesses comply with the ban, but it will also help an entire demographic of our population that is food insecure and cannot access fresh foods.

Donating culled fruits and vegetables, close-dated dairy and proteins, prepared items, and other fresh foods helps feed the people struggling with hunger. Businesses can take a tax deduction on their donation and reduce their waste hauling fees, all while complying with the new waste ban and improving the health of our environment. The actual process of food donation is incredibly simple. Lovin’ Spoonfuls is the leading food rescue agency in Greater Boston providing a straightforward, efficient, and safe system with trained and certified drivers. Our operations are logistically sound, and focused on preventing food waste, curbing food insecurity, and benefiting our communities and our environment.

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