Core Values and Inclusion Tenets

We believe all people have value for the unique perspectives and experiences they bring. Spoonfuls operates without discrimination in diverse communities across Massachusetts, and we endeavor to mirror that representation in our own organization. We aim to create and foster a workplace and organization where everyone can bring their whole selves, and where all people are valued.

Two people standing in front of a moving truck with crates of food donated to Boston area food recovery organization Lovin Spoonfuls.

What are Core Values?

Our core values are the beliefs and guiding principles that help us understand the difference between right and wrong in the context of our mission. These values underscore everything we do here.

Core Values + Inclusion Tenets

Spoonfuls offers compassionate service in direct response to the needs of the community. We provide community-based organizations with quality foods that correspond to their unique needs. We work to build an inclusive community within our organization and with our supporters.

We do this by:

  • Building rapport through partner check-ins;
  • Remaining flexible and ensuring the product meets the needs of our partner organizations and their clients;
  • Emphasizing humanity and dignity for our organizational partners and stakeholders when challenging situations arise.

A man delivering boxes of food donated to Boston area food recovery charity Lovin Spoonfuls to two women.

Spoonfuls embraces teamwork, camaraderie, and collaborative problem-solving at all levels of our operation. We welcome diverse perspectives and believe that inclusivity is the only way to affect change. We build meaningful relationships through communication and transparency.

We do this by:

  • Communicating vital information with each other across functions to keep each other informed, set up for success, and delivering on our mission;
  • Recognizing and viewing differences as a strength of the whole;
  • Seeking to partner with colleagues to make a positive social impact and seeking external partnerships with organizations that promote social change.
Four people working with Boston area food recovery organization Lovin Spoonfuls standing with a moving truck.

Spoonfuls strives to be adaptive, consistent, and thoughtful in response to the unique challenges of food recovery and food insecurity. We persistently work towards a more equitable food system for all.

We do this by:

  • Being flexible in the face of uncertainty;
  • Persevering through obstacles to get food and resources to our beneficiaries wherever possible;
  • Recognizing food insecurity as a symptom of a larger societal problem and displaying a strong stance against oppressive systems.
Two people standing in a warehouse holding bags of food donated to Boston area food recovery charity Lovin Spoonfuls.

Spoonfuls treats our partners, colleagues, and everyone we interact with the way we expect to be treated – with dignity and fairness. We respect the food we work with as well as the community and environment it connects us to.

We do this by:

  • Acknowledging the needs of community organizations with empathy and professionalism through active listening;
  • Actively seeking to learn the values of the communities we serve, particularly those disproportionately affected by systemic barriers;
  • Displaying openness to feedback in order to allow for important conversations.
Two people sitting in the back of a moving truck with boxes of food donated to Boston area food recovery organization Lovin Spoonfuls.

Spoonfuls commits to consistency, reliability, and professionalism in the work we do every day. We each bring our own unique knowledge and skills to the greater success of our mission. Through ongoing employee education and training, we remain diligent leaders at the forefront of food recovery.

We do this by:

  • Intentionally seeking and hiring committed team members who mirror our core values;
  • Supporting our team by sharing resources, providing opportunities for growth, and caring for each other’s health and safety;
  • Supporting our team and partners by showing up, being consistent, recognizing the needs of others, and responding in a timely manner.
A man working for Boston area food recovery organization Lovin Spoonfuls carrying a box of donated fruit.

Spoonfuls believes access to healthy food is a basic human right. We believe food acts as a unifier to bring people together and as a foundation of well-being. We are committed to improving our food system by reducing food waste — and its adverse effects on our environment — and sharing resources to enable others to do the same.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring that the quality of food we recover reflects the dignity we hold for the well-being of the people we serve including their cultural and religious traditions;
  • Strategically determining where food goes in our communities in order to have the greatest impact for marginalized communities and social change;
  • Engaging in conversations with our partners to receive feedback and ensure the food we deliver provides the greatest benefit.
A box of produce donated to Boston area food recovery organization Lovin Spoonfuls.

Ways to Get Involved

There are so many ways to engage with and support our food recovery and hunger relief work.

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