Meet Anthony!

April 29, 2016 Updated: January 23, 2024

Anthony Summa joined our team in March 2016 as our MetroWest Food Rescue Driver


How did you arrive at Lovin’ Spoonfuls?

I worked in a few different fields before I began working with Lovin’ Spoonfuls and I didn’t feel that sense of purpose that I wanted to get from my job. So I starting looking for jobs with environmentally-conscious organizations, and was really drawn to the posting for a food rescue driver position.

Describe a typical work day. How does your job differ from the average truck driver?

The typical day, in a broad sense, is similar to any truck driver position: start the truck, make pickups, make deliveries, park the truck and go home. Where this job differs from other driver positions is the sense of purpose and the fact that people are genuinely excited about seeing the truck pull-up and finding out what we have for them that day. I’ve worked in other driver positions briefly and never sensed that excitement before.

What’s the strangest/most exotic food item you’ve picked up from a vendor?

The strangest food I’ve picked up so far is a Chayote which I had never even heard of, let alone seen. A close second would be some orange cauliflower that I picked up recently just because I never knew that color cauliflower existed.

What are some of your favorite tunes/radio stations that you listen to on the road?

I like to start my mornings with a little NPR to catch up on the news of the day. In the afternoons when my day is winding down I’ll switch between Hot 96.9 for some 90’s hip-hop and Country 102.5.

Do your friends and family consider you a good cook? Any signature recipes?

My friends would definitely consider me a good cook. In college my roommates had meal plans but a couple nights a week I would make dinner for our apartment and a few of our friends. As far as signature dishes, any party I have my friends ask for buffalo chicken dip. Besides that, my fiancee is a big fan of my creme brûlée and french onion soup.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?

Pretty much at all times you’ll find some sort of beer or wine, eggs, cheese, a variety of peppers, and if we haven’t eaten it all, hummus.

What’s your favorite childhood food memory?

My favorite childhood food memory is a very simple one. Every weekend I had a soccer game my family went to Duchess, this local fast-food chain across the street from the field, and I would get chicken nuggets or grilled cheese. I don’t know why but that has always stuck out in my mind.

Has this job made you more aware of your own consumption habits?

I have always been very aware of my consumption habits, trying my best to not waste food unnecessarily. This job however does bring more light to the issue as a whole though.

Have you made any significant changes as a result?

Seeing the numbers behind food waste I’ve made more of an effort to inform my friends and family of the need to change consumption habits.

What’s your favorite place/restaurant/neighborhood in Boston?

I only just recently moved to Massachusetts from Connecticut, but as far as restaurants in Boston I really enjoyed Loco Taqueria in South Boston. I’m a big fan of the Boston Public Garden and really all of the green space throughout the city.

What is your motto?

“Crescit sub pondere virtus”, which roughly translates to “Virtue thrives under oppression”. This is my mom’s family motto, and is something that has really stuck with me. Anyone can be seen in a good light when they aren’t faced with struggles, but when up against it, how is that same person going to react and interact with others?

Who are your heroes?

My parents are my heroes since they worked hard every day to give me the life that I have today and help nurture me to become the person I am today. My one fictional hero is Hans Hubermann from the novel “The Book Thief”. This is a guy who risked everything to save another human being and stand up for what he believed is right and is someone I aim to emulate.
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