Meet Sean!

September 28, 2017 Updated: January 23, 2024

Sean Ahern joined our team in June as Operations Manager.

How did you arrive at Lovin’ Spoonfuls?
I had been working in the restaurant industry in Boston for many years and learned about its mission which really resonated with me.  Lovin’ Spoonfuls has some really great partnerships within the hospitality industry, and I had heard and seen great things about the organization’s mission, culture and dedication to serving the city I love so much.  It was a natural step for me to transition from serving people at tables and bars, to serving the community at large.

Do your friends and family consider you a good cook? Any signature recipes? 
Yes, at least that’s what they tell me!   I don’t have too many signature recipes that I cook all the time as I like to adjust to the seasons and what I’m in the mood for.  If I had to choose one recipe though, it would be a Thai coconut & curry soup.  It’s great in the summer, but has enough heat that it warms you right up on cold winter nights.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
Assorted produce from our garden and our CSA, chicken thighs, eggs, orange juice, milk, Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat hot sauce, fish sauce, and spicy mustard.

What’s your favorite childhood food memory?
I was fortunate to live in the Netherlands for a year when I was in elementary school.  I remember eating freshly made poffertjes from street vendors.  They are miniature Dutch pancakes made in cast iron pans, basted in butter and covered with powdered sugar.

Has this job made you more aware of your own consumption habits? Have you made any significant changes as a result?
Yes, I do a much more thoughtful approach to our weekly grocery purchases.  We have been keeping less in our fridge and picking some of the “ugly” fruits and vegetables.

What’s your favorite place/restaurant/neighborhood in Boston?
East Boston for sure.  It’s such a unique neighborhood in the city with some great restaurants.  From Angela’s Café to Rino’s Place you can’t go wrong…

What is your motto? 
Just chill and be you

Who are your heroes?
Alice Waters, Paul Pierce and anyone who teaches me new things

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