Prince Lobel is giving back

November 10, 2022 Updated: January 25, 2024

The holidays are approaching, and many companies are wondering what they can do to give back to their communities – and help their staff do the same. One great option is an employee-giving campaign! We caught up with two of the Partners at Prince Lobel Tye LLP, which hosts an annual campaign to benefit Spoonfuls. Hear more from Prince Lobel Partner and Spoonful’s Board member, Nancy Freed, and Managing Partner, Craig Tateronis.

Why is an employee-giving campaign important to Prince Lobel?

Craig: Giving back is one of Prince Lobel’s shared common values, and employee-giving campaigns are one way we give back. Also, we’ve learned over the course of time that giving back is the “glue” among our team members. It allows us to practice our values, while building a connection that you do not get when only focused on the day-to-day. When we bond over philanthropic interests, like fundraising for Spoonfuls, the shared experience binds our employees beyond just doing the best work for our clients. There is a corporate dividend to that. People are closer and more focused on something that could be argued as having a higher purpose. We do not have a lot of people who leave Prince Lobel, and I would argue that is part of the reason why. We are not just exclusively focused on the bottom line. We’re committed to our clients, people, and community, too.

Why Spoonfuls?

Nancy: We have looked at places where we can be helpful to women. Spoonfuls, as a woman-led organization, is of value and importance to the firm and to every woman here. Food security is important to everybody, too.

How does the campaign work? How do you motivate your colleagues to participate?

Nancy: Spoonfuls came to Prince Lobel’s attention five to seven years ago, and we’ve been running the annual employee-giving campaign ever since. The drive to support Spoonfuls engages employees at all levels, staff, associates, and partners, around Thanksgiving. Our wonderful philanthropic coordinator, Jane, illustrates the firm’s progress toward our goal using a visible thermometer that she tacks on a bulletin board in the common area, which doubles as a motivational tactic. On the Thursday or Friday before Thanksgiving, one of the partners will launch the campaign with a challenge, which often spurs a competitive aspect. The firm matches the total contributions from employees. (In 2021, our collective donation was $16,635, which enabled Spoonfuls to rescue enough food for more than 14,000 meals!). The giving campaign essentially becomes a part of Prince Lobel’s holiday tradition, brings people together to support a common cause, and gives more soul to the firm.

Why should other companies consider hosting an employee-giving campaign?

Craig: The importance of a giving campaign is essentially a reflection of the people who have stayed at Prince Lobel. I’ve been at the firm for more than 18 years – and long tenures here are not unique. What was immediately apparent to me was an authenticity that was different from anywhere else I worked. The firm is vigilant about the people we bring in, the culture we establish, and the value that we care about the community around us. Employee-giving campaigns are a piece of that puzzle.

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