Seasonal Eating

August 16, 2021 Updated: February 12, 2024

We’re in the heart of summer here in Massachusetts, which means farms across the state are harvesting their summer crops. We’re lucky enough to be rescuing a ton of farm-fresh produce for people facing food insecurity across the state, despite the impact heavy rain had across the region in June and July.

Seasonal eating is exactly what it sounds like: Eating food that is in-season where you live. There are a ton of benefits to seasonal eating: 

People facing food insecurity often lack access to fresh, healthy food, so we’re ecstatic about these nutrient-dense seasonal rescues. Check out what a couple of our non-profit partners have been making from the food we’ve rescued lately!

Amal Women’s Center

The women from The Amal Center got creative with some early season corn (pictured on the left), turning it into this beautiful vegetable lasagna (pictured on the right).

And it doesn’t stop there either. Check out this salad using a variety of greens we sent them:

The Amal Women’s Center, a part of ICNA Relief, offers transitional housing for women. As a Muslim organization, they receieve Halal food from us, most of which is produce.

Haley House

The Haley House may be known for their banana bread, but we’re loving these loaves of zucchini bread, too! This time of year, zucchini is in abundance in Massachusetts, and we’re seeing a lot of it on our trucks. Way to go, Haley House, for finding new ways to utilize it!

The Haley House was the first homeless service provider to create permanent affordable housing in Boston. Their soup kitchen serves made-from-scratch breakfast and lunch for guests of all ages. 

At Lovin’ Spoonfuls, we believe access to healthy food is a basic human right and are proud to play a part in getting fresh, seasonal food to people who need it.

Want to learn more about seasonal eating? For starters, here’s a PDF from the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources to learn what’s in season and when in our state. Also, check out our previous blogs on seasonal eating:

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Shout out to this year’s Spoonfuls farm partners: Red Fire Farm, Allandale Farm, Green City Growers, Volante Farms, Little Leaf Farms, and Land’s Sake Farm.

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