Supporter Spotlight: Bank of America

May 10, 2022 Updated: January 25, 2024

In their commitment to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Bank of America encouraged their employees across the nation to get vaccinated by pledging a $100 donation to local organizations on behalf of every employee who received their booster shot. Here in Massachusetts, that resulted in Bank of America donating $525,000 to four food-focused Massachusetts organizations, including $225,000 to Spoonfuls. This gift helped us rescue more than half a million pounds of food!

It’s the latest in a long history of support from Bank of America, which has been championing Spoonfuls’ food rescue since 2013.

Learn more about Bank of America, its booster campaign, and the company’s commitment to fighting food insecurity in a Q&A with Whitney Rosenbaum, Vice President, Community Relations Manager at Bank of America.

Tell us about your campaign to incentivize booster shots. Why was that important to Bank of America? And how did it help you to address some of your other funding priorities in the process – like hunger relief?

Bank of America came together to support our employees’ health and safety and to address the urgent needs of our neighbors. Medical experts and health officials continue to emphasize that receiving a booster shot – as soon as you are eligible – is critical to protecting an individual’s health and safety, and that of their family, friends, and community. We also know that our actions impact others within our industry, and our sector as a whole. At the same time, millions of Americans suffer from food insecurity each day — the measure of having enough food to be active and healthy. The pandemic has not only increased the challenges faced by many American families but also the nonprofit organizations who deliver vital resources to families across the country.

You’ve been a champion of Spoonfuls’ efforts over the years – from supporting events to providing Covid relief funds – to keep good food from going to waste. How does Spoonfuls’ work and mission align with your funding priorities?

The foundation has a longstanding commitment to hunger relief. Coronavirus has had a significant impact on all populations and a disproportionate impact on populations who have experienced increased unemployment and higher levels of infection. As we emerge from this crisis, we are focused on health and economic recovery which includes access to healthcare and [healthy] food. 

How else has Bank of America engaged with the community and partnered with organizations?

We engage with community organizations in a variety of ways throughout the year. Employees across Massachusetts volunteered nearly 30,000 hours of their time in 2021. We’ve donated hundreds of thousands of pieces of PPE to nonprofit partners since the pandemic started. We also continue to execute on our $1.25 billion, five-year commitment to advance racial equality and economic opportunity. 

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