Welcome, Jeffrey Horn!

August 25, 2022 Updated: January 18, 2024

Lovin’ Spoonfuls recently added a new Greater Boston-based Food Rescue Coordinator (FRC) to our team. Get to know Jeffrey Horn in this Q&A.

How did you arrive at Lovin’ Spoonfuls? 

I actually found Lovin’ Spoonfuls through a friend of mine, Dara, who currently works here as an Operations Coordinator. When I was looking to move out of the automotive industry, Dara mentioned that there were openings at Spoonfuls. As they explained what Spoonfuls does, I became very intrigued as the Core Values and Inclusion Tenets really resonated with me.

Tell us about your background! How did you become interested in food rescue?

I graduated in 2016 from Massachusetts’ Wheaton College with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. From there, I bounced from job to job, from computer programming at a small social media start up to the automotive industry, where I worked as a technician, then later on, an Internal Advisor. I became interested in food rescue because I have always been bothered by the existence of food deserts and food insecurity. Growing up around New York City, I was always disheartened to see food deserts. When I lived there, I experienced firsthand the difficulty of finding good quality produce and other healthy food options at a reasonable price. I never knew I could actually do something about these issues until I found Spoonfuls.

What passions do you bring to the job?

Food! I love food. I have always loved food and cooking, but mostly eating. I have always been fascinated with what makes a good quality food item, such as farm fresh zucchini for example, taste and look as good as it does. I also am trying to learn more about sustainable and ethical farming practices, both to combat food waste, but also to lower my carbon footprint.

Do your friends/family consider you a good cook? Any signature recipes?

I hope so! I personally think I’m just okay at cooking, but I always enjoy it! More recently, my favorite dish that I’ve been making is pan-seared salmon with steamed broccoli and pan-fried polenta as sides. Pictured here is another version of the dish with sauteed chard and mashed winter squash.  I also really like cookware and cutlery, I’m not sure why. I love a good stainless steel pan or chef’s knife.

What would we find in your fridge now?

Lots of fresh produce, marinating chicken, and lots of different condiments!

What’s your favorite childhood food memory?

It may be one of my first memories, but when I visited family in the Philippines when I was three, I vividly remember sitting on my lola (grandmother’s) lap and she was feeding me baked beans and rice. There’s something very comforting about that particular memory.

Who are your heroes? 

My parents. I have been inspired by what they both have accomplished in their lives. They taught me a lot about life, not only how to be a good person, but also why one should be. They taught me how to care for others and care for one’s community. They’ve done incredible things in their lives, and I hope to one day do the same.

Learn more about Jeffrey and the other members of Team Lovin’ on our staff page.

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