Lens on Leadership: With Sandy Cades

February 22, 2022 Updated: January 23, 2024

From our Board of Directors, to our Culinary Panel, to our Friends Advisory Board, we’re fortunate to count so many strong leaders among our lot! Every month, we introduce you to one of them.

This month, it’s Sandy Cades: Treasurer of Lovin’ Spoonfuls’ Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer of Communities For People, Inc.

How did you first get introduced to Lovin’ Spoonfuls?

Initially, my introduction to Lovin’ Spoonfuls was purely business-related. Someone who had previously been involved with Lovin’ Spoonfuls thought that the organization could use some support with their fiscal department. It was then that I joined as a consulting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) through my nonprofit, Communities for People. After about a year or two the Board and leadership asked me to join the Board as an official member. Today, I’m the longest-serving Board member (aside from Ashley).

Why is it important to you to support Lovin’ Spoonfuls?

As the CFO for Communities for People (CFP), I am able to see firsthand the impact that Lovin’ Spoonfuls and the nature of their work has on people and communities experiencing food insecurity. For example, one of our partners, both at CFP and Lovin’ Spoonfuls, is Roxbury Youthworks, I’ve been able to be onsite when Spoonfuls is making a delivery and you can see the appreciation and direct impact this food will have on their clients. It’s incredible.

What is it about the mission of Lovin’ Spoonfuls that resonates with you?

As a child, I dealt with a lot of health issues that put limitations on what I could consume. During those years, I became very empathetic to others who had similar challenges and would raise money for causes that supported this community. As an adult, I remained passionate about giving back to organizations that focused on food access and hunger relief, and Lovin’ Spoonfuls checks that box in a truly meaningful way. 
Plus, they have the best events and swag around! Proud supporter of their work.

What are ways that you work to waste less food, either at home or in the workplace?

Nothing bothers me more than wasting food at home, therefore I am an extreme proponent of utilizing leftovers. When cooking, I usually prepare enough food to feed more than just me and my partner. We make sure everything that remains is properly packaged and stored so that we can eat it for days. In the workplace – I am able to work with many different organizations. I always encourage and try to educate them on the impact of wasted food, hopefully helping them become better stewards of their own resources in the future.

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