Lindsay's Lovin' Covers: How one local student put her talents to work for good

September 14, 2020 Updated: January 25, 2024

Meet Lindsay, a local 11-year-old whose compassion (and skills with a sewing machine!) helped create the equivalent of 3,600 meals for neighbors in need. We caught up with Lindsay to learn more about her very special project.

How’d the idea of Lindsay’s Lovin’ Covers start? 

Once the pandemic hit, and people had to start wearing masks, I decided to try to sew one with my mom’s old sewing machine. Some of our friends found out and asked for some, and I decided to charge a little and have it go to my school charity project for Spoonfuls.

Food insecurity has been a hot topic during the pandemic, with so many more families struggling to put food on the table. Why is fighting hunger important to you/your family?

Because we feel that everyone should have the right to have food on the table.

What would you say to encourage other kids to get involved in efforts to fight hunger/waste less?

Imagine that you were in the situation that they are in (struggling with hunger).

What are your big post-pandemic plans?

I want to go to Sky Zone and travel a lot of places (like Mexico)!

Same, Lindsay. Same. Feeling inspired to support Spoonfuls? Don’t know how to sew? No problem! See here to learn more about how you can fundraise for Spoonfuls!

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